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Welcome to RealJorgeRojas - Data and Theory

This website contains information about my empirical and theoretical research on economics and medicine. If you would like to download my lectures, handouts, podcasts, videos, and opinions, please check my personal website here

In this website you will find pieces of codes to perform statistical analysis and numerical simulations. Numerical simulations can be used for econometric or macroeconomic exercises.

For Econometrics, I usully use R, Python, RStudio that is a great IDE for R+Python. I also provide some chuncks of code for Stata that my students usually find helpful. Of course, Stata List and Stata Journal are the awesome places to check out.

For Macroeconomics, I usually use Mathematica and MATLAB.

A great source of help and debate is Stack Exchange. In that website, you can get free access to literally thousands of forums about different softwares and topics within each software.

Last but not least, LaTeX is the right way to write.

Check some of my projects below

Neoclassical Macroeconomics

F(K,L) = A Kα Lβ

# Neoclassical Macroeconomics
##Define parameters
alpha = 0.3; beta = 1 - alpha

Support or Contact

If you have questions feel free to shut me an email to engineer at